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Love it!
-- Heather Bouton, 12/2/15

Hi Penny! We met a few weeks ago at the workshop. When you gave me your business card, I never imagined that the website would take me to your art gallery/portfolio. You're work is absolutely amazing. Turning things that most would consider worthless & old into something beautiful & new. Your work is very inspiring.
-- Dan Adrian Heikoop, 11/11/14

I am a dedicated environmentalist, and I NEED to have some of your jewelery! All your pieces are super rad!!! ..You are extremely gifted! Also, thank you for the wristband I picked up at Limestone Coffee & Tea this evening.
-- Andrea, 8/13/11

Your work is right on TARGET
-- Dor, 7/16/11

great stuff! really speaks to the job
-- Jules K Epd, 7/22/10

your work is amazing... there are several pieces i would proudly hang.. i will have to work on my art budget!!! Stunning and inspiring!!
-- Lady Galaxy, 6/28/10

Awesome! Where is your studio located? Would love to take a look at your art work.
-- Tonie Ewoldt, 3/27/10

went to my first showing. I was really impressed and thoughts are still running through my head. You definitely have a talant like no other. luv you aunt debbie
-- Debbie Huettema, 2/28/10

Wow, the work on your home page speaks loud and true. I plan to make your next exhibit. Mark
-- Mark Wissing, 1/14/10

Very nice. Impressive pieces of work.
-- Chris Duncan, 1/5/10

The website looks Great! Nice job..............
-- Thomas Doggett, 12/31/09

Penny, I love the new piece outside your studio at WSS!!! Fantastically vibrant, stong and meaningful.
-- Caroline, 11/12/09

Hi Penny....really cool stuff!
-- Allison , 10/9/09

Love that bullet cross...did you get it on a cord yet! Because I know your not at all busy. Cindi Robison...Ally's co-worker.
-- Cindi Robison, 9/15/09

Love your stuff!! The one piece that I really want is SOLD! Ouch. That is a testimonial to your superior talents,
-- Barry, 9/4/09

You are really tallented. I love your work, all your work; the creativity and the symbolic messages are a gift to all. you are not only creative you are bold and tenacious about beliefs and statements through your art. Kudos. Bobbie Gerbrecht 8/13/2009
-- Bobbie Gerbrecht Grayson, 8/13/09

Hey Penny, what a talent you have, this is some very great artwork you have done! Penny G.
-- Penny G, 7/29/09

Very original work - enjoyed perusing thru your web site.Today Geneva, tomorrow the Art Institute!!
-- Jon & Mary, 7/16/09

great stuff penny. I think its time you did a portrait of me. Now that would surely be a talent as well as a seller. Remember.there is only one of me. talk about a challenge! luv aunt debbie
-- Aunt Debbie, 7/8/09

I like your work. I think the self portrait is cool.
-- Tom Tieman, 6/2/09

"For we too are marked by the people that we work with and the work that we do"