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2020 now 2021
I chose the above image because it sums up the current climate of our new president.
Not to be political but I hope decisions are made for the right reasons.  Not for the rich ones!  So, being muted, being female, being a big corporation the above photograph seemed most appropriate for the current time.

On a side note, New art will be coming soon.  I have missed my art friends and my art followers and lovers!

2017 Brings some new ideas and some new ART..

I wrote this 4 years ago and had no idea how real this whole silenced mouth tape shut image would turn into a mask in 2020.  It is pretty amazing how things have changed.

It is actually sad but a per usual, I am trying to spin this into something positive!

I FEEL like I have lost myself these past 4 years and actually the last 6 years.  It is time to start remembering who I am and where I want to be.  

These last 6 years have been full of turning 40 now 46.  I have loved and loss during this time.  Both of my parents fell ill and  are still working on getting better.  

My life has been turned upside down professionally, battered, abandoned and  attempted destruction, yet I have survived.  

I have not become a victim to my circumstances.  

It has been a rough road but I have come out injured, battered, bruised and F-ing angry!  I am hungry for a fight!!  It is a fight for what is right and fair.  

We all need to have a little more patience, understanding and peace for one another.  We will  never come to an agreement if we only hear ourselves.  We need to open our ears, hearts and minds and listen to each other.  Because this is it, this is the one chance in our life time that we get to live, love and be a part of each others lives.  If I have learned one thing about the last 6 years is what you and I do affects everyone and that matters.  Thanks for reading!  Sending love! P...


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