Art Shows


This was the first piece purchased at the art show September 11, 2009.  Christina and her daughter Zora posed with the piece (Peace).

This was the second piece purchased by Wendi "Choose you weapon" purchased on  September 12, 2009.

And the 3rd piece purchased "Police Stupidly" by Lisa Carter on September 13, 2009.

This was the fourth piece bought by Kathleen, Creative Cross, Purchased September 13, 2009.

Purchased by my neighbor's Heather and Mel..  Thanks

Cindy purchased a cross pendant.  Thanks Cindy!

On 10-08-09, Bobbie from jewelry class purchased a cross but would not let me take her picture.  Thanks Bobbie

Sold on 10-17-09, to Jessica for her birthday present.  Bought by her mom Mindy.

Thanks Mindy and Jessica, I hope you enjoy the work!

Sold to Joe on 10-18-09.  Joe actually bought another piece not pictured that night.  Thanks so much Joe and his family too!


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"For we too are marked by the people that we work with and the work that we do"